Professor Sibusiso Bengu

profProfessor Sibusiso Bengu was the first national minister of education in South Africa’s Government of National Unity – a position which he held until 1999. Born in 1934 in Natal, Professor Sibusiso Bengu became a teacher in 1952. He founded the Dlangezwa High School near Empangeni and was

Principal until 1976. He completed a PhD in political sciences at the University of Geneva in 1974, and was appointed a professor at the University of Zululand in 1977, and also served as Director of Student Advisory Services. In addition, he was Vice–Chancellor of Fort Hare University from 1991 to 1994. Professor Bengu also served as Secretary-General of Inkhatha Freedom Party. In 1978 Professor Bengu left South Africa and served as secretary for research and social action for the Lutheran World Foundation. While he was abroad, he met and became friends with Oliver Tambo, then acting President of the ANC. Professor Bengu was released from his ministerial position in 1999 to take up the role of South Africa’s Ambassador in Germany. Among many of his accomplishments, he has received several honorary degrees in recognition of his contribution in social justice and education. Professor Bengu was proclaimed a Great Mind of the 21st Century due to the significant accomplishments within and mastery of Education and Social Research by the Government Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute, USA.