Dr Andile Ngcaba

Andile NgcabaDr Andile Ngcaba is the founder and non-executive chair of Convergence Partners Investments. Andile also serves as the Executive Chairman of Dimension Data Middle East & Africa (DDMEA). In this role at DDMEA he has been at the forefront of progressive efforts to transform the company and grow its business both in the public sector and through expansion into Southern African Development Community (SADC), West Africa, East Africa and the Middle East. He is also actively involved in driving subsidiary company Internet Solutions, the largest provider of Internet value added services in Africa, into a fully-fledged provider of converged communication solutions. He also serves on the boards of many of the Convergence Partners’ portfolio companies, including Seacom, which is the first fibre-optic submarine cable to serve the East Coast of Africa. Over and above his appointments to the boards of investee companies of Convergence Partners, Andile holds (and has held) a number of positions on global and local industry, policy and regulatory bodies. He has previously served as the Director General of the Department of Communications (DoC) for 8 and a half years up until the end of 2003. During his time in Government, Andile oversaw tremendous change in the South African technology, telecommunications and broadcasting landscape, both from the point of view of the diverse and advancing technologies on offer as well as advancements in the overarching policy and regulatory framework.